My own private feud in Rainmaker

17th June 2016 – 5.47 pm

I get a bit lucky at the start, where hanging around the centre doesn't see the Rainmaker get too far away from us. We even get it for ourselves and make some decent progress. Running in to the Killer Wail is a mistake, though.

A couple of the opposition decide to try to control the turf of our main corridor, and I take it upon myself to retain control, mostly by trying to splat them, but also just by taking the turf back.

But my focus is perhaps a little misguided. It is too late that I realise their Rainmaker carrier has got close to our lead, and has overtaken it by the time I can react. Whether it was a good strategy of theirs to control that corridor, or a poor strategy of mine to pay them too much mind, I can't say.

Maybe if I had aimed better, I could have refocussed to the Rainmaker sooner.

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