Trying to play safe on Tower Control

21st June 2016 – 5.14 pm

I'm not too comfortable with the Splatterscope on Urchin Underpass, but as the other map in the rotation is Arowana Mall I am taking a positive can-do attitude to the Underpass today.

I don't want to be foolish and push forwards when I don't have to. I ought to provide a stable position for my squidmates, and be in the right place to prevent the opposition from progressing too far.

I make a really good start of the battle with regards to my strategy. I keep back when I need to, suppress opposition movements when I can, and push ahead when required.

In fact, the whole game is perhaps one of my best on Urchin Underpass with a charger. Fluking the splat on that Inkbrush was good fortune, as they have caused me problems in the past.

Okay, quite a few of my splats seem a bit lucky, particularly that double-splat to take control of the tower away from our opponents at the end of the battle. But if you have consistently good luck, maybe it ain't luck.

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