Staying behind in Tower Control

22nd June 2016 – 5.48 pm

I do my bit to hold the centre of Arowana Mall against the push of the opposition, and only when it looks clear and the tower available do I try to advance the objective. That, naturally, gets me splatted.

Back to holding our position, and as I do I note the Roller moving around to flank me. I watch his progress on my gamepad, whilst keeping tabs on the tower, and foil his ploy to catch me off-guard.

The Roller left a Beakon down the side path, and the only way to get there on Tower Control is to go back to the base. I suppose I should remember the super-jump option, but it doesn't take me long to get back anyway.

But before I can even get there, my squidmates get the tower to the goal. They just took the tower and held it. Good job!

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