Splatting squids in Arowana Mall Tower Control

26th June 2016 – 5.14 pm

Uh-oh, does that E-litre 3K want my normal perch? Probably, as it's a good place for a charger. I get there first, though, and thankfully put in a good show for myself, splatting the first three squids that come over the top of the ridge.

The E-litre, on the other hand, has completely outflanked the opposition to get on to the opposite perch. Good job!

Everything looks like it's going to plan, and I give out a 'Nice!' in advance, but it is premature, as the other side regain control of the tower and it resets to the centre, after I take a dip in the water.

I take another dip in the water when trying to climb on the tower, and another hairy moment a bit later where my suction cups save me. Otherwise, I'm just splatting inklings left and right. It's a pretty successful battle!

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