Turf control in Tower Control

1st July 2016 – 5.17 pm

Camp Triggerfish is not a great level for the Tri-slosher. But the other map is, Blackbelly Skatepark, and Tower Control is a good mode in general for the Tri-slosher, so I'm ready to have buckets of fun.

Riding the tower is always fun. So is getting a triple-splat, closely followed by a double. I think I can make the Tri-slosher work on this map, I just need to accept I'll be splatted a lot too.

I'm not quite sure how I don't manage to splat the two Rollers who jump me but are surprised by my Bubbler. I need to get better, I suppose.

I keep up splatting other inklings effectively, so I'm not a lost cause. Unlike the battle.

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