Falling at the last hurdle in Rainmaker

7th July 2016 – 5.13 pm

We get a great lead from the start, thanks to a clever inkling managing to sneak along the grating to come down a rather less-used route to the podium.

We keep the pressure on, with the Rainmaker staying in opposition territory, until one of their inklings goes the long away back past their base and up to the ramp shortcut to our side.

The Rainmaker stays stuck at that ramp for a while, until we are pushed back enough for purple to bring it further forwards. Unfortunately, despite my advantageous position, I fail to see the Rainmaker being taken up on to the grating, and by the time I do and try to splat the carrier with a Bomb Rush, the carrier keeps his distance and suppresses us with the Rainmaker.

Not even a desperate final splat as the Rainmaker squids up the podium can help us now. A well-deserved victory for the other team.

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