Losing the lead in Rainmaker

12th July 2016 – 5.43 pm

Running around with a charger, maybe I shouldn't be the one who grabs the Rainmaker and gets it close to the podium at the start of the battle. That doesn't stop me doing it, though.

It's a better idea than trying to actually splat inklings with my charger, though. My aim still isn't great, although I think I hit the back of the head of a squidmate when I had an otherwise clear shot at one point.

Still, it's a really good lead. We can't lose this battle, right? At the very least, we just need to be good at defence. I make a good start of the defence too, snapping some good splats off the top of the podium, then splatting the Rainmaker and avoiding its blast.

But a sneak attack from around the side catches us off-guard, and just as we head in to extra time, they beat our lead. Good game, inklings.

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