Splatting too late in Rainmaker

13th July 2016 – 5.24 pm

Arowana Mall is a great place for chargers. We have two on our team, they have none. But what good is a charger as a suppressive weapon when no one wants to carry the Rainmaker. I suppose I'll do it.

Once I've shown that the Rainmaker is benign, my squidmates have a go, and do better than me, obviously. I can return to my role as support, which doesn't go great. I need time on the practice range.

Mind you, under a bit more pressure, I snap off some good splats. I would call them critical too, except the opposition already pass our lead by the time I splat them. I merely help prevent the knockout victory against us.

Despite a valiant effort in extra time, we don't regain our lead.

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