I dunno what's happening in Rainmaker

15th July 2016 – 5.26 pm

Okay, I know what's happening at the beginning of this battle. It's pretty straightforward, and I am in the middle of it. The second push looks pretty clear too, right up until the Rainmaker is dunked on the podium. The animation plays and everything, but our inkling gets splatted and the Rainmaker lost.

I think I stop playing for a second, thinking we've won. But I soon get myself back in to focus, and try to stop the other team from getting to our podium. I don't manage that, but a squidmate does, thankfully, right at the same distance as we got. The splat pushes their counter back a tick.

There's some more battling over the Rainmaker. I give carrying it another crack, and try to blast my way past the other team, but even the power of the Rainmaker isn't enough.

That's okay, because a subsequent push has a squidmate actually dunking the Rainmaker this time. Woomy!

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