First look at Mahi-Mahi Resort Tower Control

20th July 2016 – 5.41 pm

What do Mahi-Mahi Resort and Ancho-V Games have in common? That I lose my first Tower Control battle on each. Maybe if I didn't lose sight of the tower and head the wrong way, only to turn around and jump in to the water, the battle could have gone differently.

I quite enjoy the Mahi-Mahi Resort map, at least, and I think I know my way around it, after the recent Splat Fest. Of course, it is changed a little for Tower Control, and the route the Tower takes is unknown, but learning is part of the fun.

I use my map knowledge to splat the charger at the start of the map, and then a bit later from behind too. But I have no idea how that Splash-o-Matic user squided away from me so quickly without any swim upgrades. Nippy little bugger.

I am beginning to think that Blasters are coming in to vogue, and not just that pesky Luna Blaster. I should revisit them myself, at least for Tower Control.

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