Mahi-Mahi Resort Tower Control

21st July 2016 – 5.32 pm

Luna Blasters have been around for ages in Tower Control, and although they are frustrating I can see why they are so useful. Or because they are so frustrating, for the other team. But there seems to be a new-found interest in Blasters in general, which is even more frustrating, if only because it's a weapon I've not used enough to get the hang of.

Mind you, the number of times I forget the Tri-Slosher's Bubbler is suggestive that I haven't got the hang of this bucket yet either. Still, I use it often enough, and enjoy chuking ink everywhere, that at least I feel moderately competent with it.

I shall have to persevere with a Blaster soon, at least to see if I can add it to my arsenal. It certainly looks to be a useful type for Tower Control, where accuracy isn't always as important.

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