Fighting a losing battle in Tower Control

23rd July 2016 – 5.24 pm

Camp Triggerfish Tower Control with the Splatterscope. This should be fun! I take the side route to get a decent perch, and even manage to splat someone by aiming! Of course, I soon am forced off that perch, but that's expected.

The opponents then take the attitude that turf control manes tower control. They're not entirely wrong, as preventing us getting away from our base would let them ride the tower longer, but it really can be frustrating to play against.

It takes some cunning and a positive attitude to get ourselves out of the corner, and it is handy that I have the range of the Splatterscope and the Splat Bomb Rush available.

But we're squidding against the tide, despite our best efforts. At least we force the game in to extra time.

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