Skirting the map in Tower Control

24th July 2016 – 5.46 pm

Blaster, E-litre 3K, and Splatling on the other team, with my Tri-slosher equipped. I envisage having a hard time, if I try to face them head on. I try to be smarter and sneak around the edges, but the E-litre has moved there already, and is followed up by the Splatling. This is not looking positive.

I keep my spirits up and try to work in the environment to my movement, trying to be where the opposition don't expect me to be. With a dash of rushing headlong in to them still.

I get some good splats when I manage to completely outflank the opposition, using the extra block added for Tower Control, but that does rely on them pushing the tower forwards in to the lead.

But we take control of the tower ourselves, dare I say partly because I take out their long-range support, and snatch the lead from them.

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