Pushing back the greens in Tower Control

25th July 2016 – 5.32 pm

I'm flitting between weapons this evening, happy with both the Tri-slosher for Tower Control, and the Splatterscope for the maps. It's good to have options too, as it can change the way I play. I still get splatted in silly ways, whatever I do. Jumping on the tower whilst equipped with a charger is one way to do it.

In my defence, we're facing another team that is aggressively controlling our main corridor, even to the detriment of control of the tower, and superjumping seemed like a good way to bypass that hassle. A better way was to splat the aggressive greens and reclaim our turf.

About half-way through the battle I get my mojo working, and get some decent splats with the charger. Accidentally jumping in to the water douses my spirits a little, but the threat of losing the lead gets me focussed again.

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