Losing by a whisker in Tower Control

27th July 2016 – 5.16 pm

The temptation to ride the tower is strong, even when I am playing a role that is not best squipped for doing so. I don't mind, though. Being splatted is not the end of the world, even if it is probably best not to.

At leasting gettting closer to the action allows for some good results. The triple-splat is really satisfying, even if I get two of the splats with a Splat Bomb Rush. It's also nice to push a Kraken off the tower, even if the tower is already deep in to our territory.

We make a good recovery and get really close to taking the lead in the final seconds. If I hadn't got distracted by not splatting the Roller trying to flank us, followed by a pitiful Splat Bomb throw, maybe I could have supported the tower a bit better. But we had a good battle, which is the main thing.

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