Blasting to the goal in Tower Control

29th July 2016 – 5.08 pm

I'm kinda getting the hang of the Blaster. It helps to pay attention to the composition of the other team, see two chargers, and understand what they are likely to be doing. Or, perhaps, not doing, which is not look to their sides very often.

Flanking a charger is an effective tactic, but one that is limited by the map. Thankfully, Kelp Dome has some good flanking routes, which I use to my advantage, particularly in combination with the indirect fire of the Blaster.

What I should also use to my advantage is the Bubbler of the Custom Blaster. I clearly forget about it the first time it charges, but thankfully realise the second, maybe because I see another inkling use it. I even use it sensibly, popping the Bubbler a few seconds later than the other, so that his will run out before mine.

I particularly enjoyed the triple splat in this game. Taking down two chargers who are looking the wrong way, by coming along a sneaky route, and then splatting someone trying to clear me off, is quite satisfying, even if I get splatted in the process. I even get my suction cups on the tower as it hits the goal. Woomy!

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