Last minute futility in Tower Control

31st July 2016 – 5.33 pm

My goodness, what are my squidmates doing in this battle? The one time I see one riding the tower, he jumps off just as I do, and that's before it resets to the middle position.

I could understand their reluctance to ride the tower if a) they were successfully suppressing the opposition, and b) someone else was riding the tower. But a) they're not, certainly not by the end-of-battle stats, and b) because of this, we can't ride the tower as the other team always has it.

Despite this, we somehow get control of the tower just as the game enters extra time, and also somehow this focusses the team to push forwards. It's all a bit late, though, particularly when trying to beat a lead that is almost a knockout in extra time.

Never mind. I don't have the viewpoints of my squidmates, and it could be that they were trying their best and just outskilled by our opponents. That happens sometimes, and you just have to go with it.

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