Zero-hour knockout in Tower Control

1st August 2016 – 5.14 pm

No one jumps on the tower for the first 40 seconds of this battle! Admittedly, I am running around the side getting a couple of pre-emptive splats myself, but in my defence it is also me who first gets on the tower, and then rides it for half the map. And the second splat is really satisfying.

Yeah, sneaking up on any charger from the side is pretty good fun. As is jumping straight towards them and splatting ink right in their faces, to be fair.

Losing sight of the tower and letting the other team take a commanding lead, losing our own advantage, is less pleasant, and a bit disappointing. But we battle on! It's more about the quality of the battle than the result, after all. And splatting that charger on his perch again.

Even sweeter is taking back that lead right as the clock ticks down to end the battle. Better yet, we hit the goal for a knockout victory with a second left! It's like being in a movie.

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