Hit and miss in Tower Control

3rd August 2016 – 5.57 pm

A new evening, more Tower Control. Let's give the Custom Blaster another shot. There's the usual confusion at the start, as both teams jostle around the tower, and I get splatted as I can't jump high enough to reach some ink.

I get my aim in briefly, and we push the tower forwards, but it is briefly, as we lose our lead soon afterwards. I find a little nook from where my blaster is quite effective.

When we get back control of the tower, we take back the lead, pushing forwards as a team quite effectively. We don't get the knockout, and the battle becomes one of attrition, where it is splat or be splatted, and then get splatted by a different inkling.

I end up trying the side route to flank the other team in a bid to get the knockout, and it's effective, at least in flanking, not in getting the knockout. It helps keep the tower outside of our half.

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