Last-minute losers in Tower Control

4th August 2016 – 5.38 pm

The Splatterscope can get to the tower, and ink up it, in only a few shots on Walleye Warehouse. That's quite handy, but myabe not if I'm also the one intending to ride the tower. I splat one squid, but don't have enough charge for the other.

I have an embarrassing minute or so after that, particularly squidding in to the line-of-sight of the inkling looking to splat me, and fumble my bomb throw too. And our Killer Wail almost conceals the other Killer Wail. Good thing it wasn't going to hit me anyway, but it's also good that I didn't squid the other way, which I occasionally do.

Squidding my way to flank the opponents and the tower doesn't work the first time, but it does the second, getting us the tower back. And after that, my little nook works well to prevent the other team from beating out lead. It's looking good for a victory.

Another flanking move wipes the other team from the tower just in time, but I'm splatted from behind and there's no cover to prevent that inkling from jumping on the tower and pushing it the short distance to take the lead. Oh well. I did what I could.

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