Amazing support in Tower Control

5th August 2016 – 5.09 pm

I'm not convinced a charger is the best weapon for riding the tower. But it's actually not a bad choice on Camp Triggerfish. The tower is nearly always over water, with gaps from either side, and vulnerable mostly from long-range attack. Defending yourself along the route almost requires a charger.

Not that having a charger stops me getting on the tower anyway, and with the only other squid having a go getting splatted early, I squid up and push the tower forwards.

Snapping a quick shot splats an inkling as the tower gets going, mostly because it's almost inevitable that an inkling from the other team will appear on that platform as the tower goes past. After that, it's plain sailing.

The tower doesn't stop, I am barely threatened, and we take the tower to the goal. My squidmates must have taken really good control of the turf, and they keep the opposition back with some ruthless efficiency. We only suffer one loss in the battle. Excellent support!

Let's have a longer battle as well: Pushing in to extra time in Tower Control

Please don't jump in front of a charged charger. So frustrating. It's about as sensible as squidding away from a Seeker that's already missed you. Or squidding off the platform in to water. Or trying to jump on to the tower just as it resets and moves away from you.

There is plenty of action in this battle just at the centre of the map, as we try to control the important choke point. I choose not to take the high ground, as it often doesn't seem important in Tower Control, although it can in other modes on Camp Triggerfish.

I can still cover turf from ground level, whilst remaining mobile enough to track back to splat blue inklings off the tower. It seems to be an ideal position, even if I have little reason to cross the half-way point in the battle.

It looks like we are in a good position at the end, even though the battle heads in to extra time. The tower is coming our way, but we have inklings ready to splat the blues. And splat them we do, and splat another, and another. It even looks like my 'Nice!' is a little early for a moment.

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