Out-scoped in Tower Control

6th August 2016 – 5.31 pm

An E-litre 3K on the other team! This can only mean one thing: I shall be made to look mediocre. Well, maybe not straight away, as first ink is mine, but I doubt this brief moment of comparative competence will last.

Instead of trying to out-scope the E-litre, which I will lose because of range, I try to flank my opponent. Which doesn't work, because he's moved, has spotted me, and is charged. Which he repeats.

Maybe I can help push the tower forwards! I always like to do that. And I do, a bit, but the E-litre splats me as an Octobrush distracts me quite easily with his flappy brush.

Winning the tower back at the 4' mark shows good restraint for not trying to go head-to-beak with a Kraken, but trying to actually get on the tower is a small exercise in furstration.

Never the less, considering the lead we had to recover, we did a good job of trying to pull it back, even if we are unsuccessful in the end. And the E-litre inkling does indeed put me to shame. Aww.

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