Chargers everywhere in Tower Control

7th August 2016 – 5.12 pm

Three chargers on our team, two on theirs. That's to be expected for Camp Triggerfish, I suppose, but it doesn't make me confident all the same, so I go in to aggressive mode, looking to ride the tower and push in to opponent territory. It's not something I feel comfortable doing as a charger normally, but when we are facing other chargers it's probably the best tactic.

Snapping off an early splat on the tower is satisfying, even if it leaves me with no ink for the next inkling. But the tower moves forwards, and we get a good lead. Going charger versus charger makes me a bit nervous, though, enough to have my wandering off the tower by mistake.

A squidmate super-jumping to me as I take a dip saves the tower, and I super-jump to him in return, landing to snap a shot at the threatening charger. That's a splat I probably shouldn't have got off first.

The tower gets closer to the goal, but with a couple of chargers waiting for us, and an obvious platform for them to aim at, it is difficult to get it much closer. But they aren't having much luck pushing us back either, or controlling the tower themselves.

A bit of persistence and super-jumping gets us the knockout victory. Woomy!

And a second battle, before the Splatfest: Battle of the chargers in Tower Control

More chargers! Two on our team, three on theirs. They have a Roller as their fourth weapon, whilst we have a Luna Blaster as well. That probably gives us the advantage, but let's see.

Not a great advantage, that Luna Blaster, as he's a typical user, jumping everywhere. I'm not a fan of jumpers in general, and much less so when the bastards jump in front of me trying to lay a line of ink. I actually hang my head for a couple of seconds after the second time, just to let him get out of my way. Silly sod.

I take the flanking route not so much to flank but because I see the Beakon on my gamepad map. I don't think it helps much to get rid of it, but it's something to do.

Not tackling the Kraken head-on is always a good plan, and the Splat Bomb Rush comes at a good time to keep him at bay, and maybe make him nervous about how long his Kraken form will last. Long enough, but by then a squidmate is ready to splat him off the tower anyway.

From there, we have a fairly straight run to the goal, just having to avoid the long gaze of the chargers, which is hlped with a Splat Bomb and a bit of hiding in ink. My squidmates are there to keep pushing the tower towards the knockout victory.

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