Wail is me in Pokemon Splatfest

12th August 2016 – 5.43 pm

Stop jumping in front of my charged Splatterscope, dammit. I would blame that faux pas for my not reaching the middle before the Splatling, but that's just silly and a little salty. It's no big deal really.

Neither's that first Killer Wail. To be honest, I could see it coming. The Roller was clearly inking turf to build up his special. I should have backed off at that point, but we don't always do the right thing.

At least I'm not suckered in to Suction Bombs, like I tend to be, although my aim could use a bit of work still. Maybe that inkling was slightly out of range to start with, though.

And a second battle: Hit by ink in Pokemon Splatfest

A nice and quick rush to the centre of Camp Triggerfish, and I'm ready to splat the unfortunate inklings coming my way. The first one, at least. The scond confounds me by standing still. Why do I keep snapping at my shots?

As much as I must frustrate some inklings, the Inkzooka is clearly my nemesis. Being splatted behind an obstacle without line-of-sight. Bah!

One of the red team then tries the tactic of toing-and-froing behind that inflatable object, inking turf and staying safe. That's pretty annoying in Ranked battles on Camp Triggerfish, and would be the same here in Turf War had he stayed behind the inflatable.

A bit of tidying up around the base, and it's back to the centre just to keep control. And to get a couple of last-second lucky splats.

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