Trying not to be mean to newbies Pokemon Splatfest

15th August 2016 – 7.00 am

Low-level inklings abound in this Splatfest battle. Lucas is even 1st level! I make a note and try not to be mean, mostly to him, but in general.

Looks like I catch Lucas in my first Splat Bomb Rush, but I also get my intended target (and another inkling) and didn't know he was there. The second Lucas splat is just unfortunate.

Of course, we can't see red team names, so maybe I'm being a bit harsh, particularly as I determinedly stay back, just beyond the half-way point, and don't doggedly press for more turf or splats.

Then again, maybe it's equally mean to sit at the middle and pick off the couple of inklings that break past the blockade my squidmates have aggressively set up. I dunno. I hope everyone had a reasonable battle.

And a second battle: Damn those brushes in Pokemon Splatfest

Man, those brushes are quick! Up to the centre of Camp Tirggerfish before I can get there, and rushing past me before the Splatterscope can charge. And then I have to with my mediocre aim at a fast-moving target.

Stationary targets are so much easier. I wonder how long Riley was sitting in that ink before my incidental Splat Bomb found him. That was completely unexpected.

Back to the brush. I can even hit him when he's running normally! Then he rushes past a Splat Bomb, turns in to a Kraken, gives chase, and evades a Splat Bomb Rush. Damn him.

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