Oh yeah, I have a Bubbler, Tower Control

18th August 2016 – 7.00 am

A couple of failures with the Splatterscope in S-Rank Tower Control and I revert to the Tri-slosher. I'm still trying to be effective so far, but S-Rank battles are mostly making me feel rubbish, ineffective, and out of my depth.

In this battle, I'm still fairly fresh and trying to compete. I rush to get on the tower, do well to avoid a Suction Bomb, and keep trying to push forwards. It's good to see another Tri-slosher use in the battle as well.

If only I remembered I had a Bubbler, and that it was available, when three of us were riding the tower only a few points away from the goal. That would have saved us some time and mucking around.

At least it lets me find out that, without some swim-speed gear, that central gap cannot be jumped.

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