Ups and downs in Tower Control

19th August 2016 – 7.00 am

First three pushes are in the three different routes in Arowana Mall. First is right down the middle, getting to the tower super-fast, and getting me splatted with some alacrity too. Second is to the left, to get above the approaching tower, and gets me splatted quickly.

The third route takes me to the right alley, where I narrowly dodge a Splat Bomb as I am echolocated, before splatting my opponent and following up with splatting an unsuspecting charger. Good stuff!

Another highlight is splatting the Inkzooka from above, before he gets a chance to splat me. That almost never happens.

Otherwise, I'm mostly running in to bombs, sloshed ink, or laser sights. Such is my lack of relative competence in S-Rank battles.

I decide to ink over our opponents' routes to the goal, to make it more difficult for them, rather than gt splatted even more.

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