Ballsing-up Rainmaker again

23rd August 2016 – 7.00 pm

So close to dropping out of S Rank! Will it finally happen? Maybe! If I get frustrated by inking the back of a squidmate's head more times. But that's just general frustrating rearing its head. The inkling didn't jump, and it's generally a bit chaotic as we all run away from the base.

A pause to collect myself, and let the others get away, clears my head, and it's off to battle. I'm perked up fairly soon with a decent splat against an opponent trying to splat me with Burst Bombs. I don't often win those.

And again I curse myself with the Rainmaker. It's so tempting! And the Inkzooka is so annoying! To be fair, I think the first shot aimed at me hit me, and not the second. I just took a while to be splatted.

My situational awareness seems pretty good, as I noticed that Roller heading up towards our base, no doubt charging up his Special. In an excellent bit of timing, I roll a Splat Bomb down to greet the Roller, and splat he goes.

My team are doing well too. We even make a decent, concerted effort to get the Rainmaker to the podium. And, somehow, I aim between the Rainmaker's legs to splat the opposing Splatterscope inkling. Moments like that don't come along often. I should make a gfycat of it.

I even help protct our lead during a late push by the other team, snapping off a quick shot to splat the Rainmaker. And I am on top of the Rainmaker at the end of the match, concluding the battle without any tense extra time. Not a bad battle! Even if I stay in S Rank that little bit longer.

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