Back to S Rank Tower Control

27th August 2016 – 7.00 pm

To say I didn't enjoy my time in S Rank before is to understate my mood somewhat. I'm back there now, having only briefly bounced down to A+, and I would like to stay positive. I hope this attitude lasts.

Although I feel out-classed again, I also feel like I am contributing. Sure, a couple of my shots couldn't be anything but lucky, I also get some good splats in. And some misses, but that's par for the course. And that dive in to the water was just a mis-time jump.

Watching that Splat Bomb Rush come over the wall at me made me realise that bombs can actually be thrown over that wall. This is good new information, and I make immediate use of it. Of course, my target knows that Killer Wails go through walls, and that I have nowhere to go. Oh well.

I still don't know how Inkzookas in most games and chargers in this and other games get some of their splats against me that they do. Latency is my only guess, but that's a bit frustrating.

At least the other team can't complain when I knock one of their chargers off our own perch. We get the win too, which is something, I suppose.

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