Keeping it purple in Splat Zones

28th August 2016 – 7.00 pm

I stick with the Splatterscope for now, thinking I can at least splash a lot of ink around the Splat Zones. Well, it doesn't look like I can face off against a fellow charger, not from the first encounter. Still, it was one of her squidmates sneaking up on me.

My squidmates are boss, pressing high up the territory and keeping the Splat Zones clear. I just need to add a bit of ink and we maintain control for a good long time.

When the green team regroup they also get the Splat Zones, but it's only for as long as it takes for my squidmates to respawn, it seems. Then I'm back in a battle with the other charger. She wins this encounter with better skill than I could ever muster. Good stuff.

When I find myself lacking a good option on our side of the Splat Zones, I manoeuvre around them. That actually works! I get a couple of splats and help reclaim the Zones for us. In the end, it's a comfortable victory.

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