Sloshing around the Splat Zones

29th August 2016 – 7.00 pm

Two chargers on each team. Hopefully our chargers will keep their chargers at bay. Or maybe the longer range of the Slosher over the Tri-slosher I'm more used to will help me splat the chargers myself.

I like my odds in both Urchin Underpass and Ancho-V Games with the Slosher, as the Splat Zones are on low turf. Just right to slosh ink down from above.

I'm reminded of Burst Bombs several times in the battle, thanks to the other team's inklings, but still fail either to use mine or aim them anywhere useful. They are much trickier than they appear. And the one time I almost make them work the other team pops a Bubbler and negates my attack.

But I have plenty of good moments. Splatting chargers where they can't see me from below, evading chargers as they try to splat me, splatting the Inkzooka in full blasting mode, and launching an Inkstrike from below a charger's perch when he probably thinks I'm coming for him.

It's a pretty enjoyable battle for me.

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