Blasting away in Tower Control

30th August 2016 – 7.00 am

First choice weapon tonight for Tower Control was the Tri-slosher, one of my favourites. It didn't work out so well. Let's give a recent new weapon another go instead, the Custom Blaster.

I mostly get back in to the swing of the weapon without much delay, although I doubt I will ever get ride of the occasional duff shot. That direct hit near the start was good, as was the follow-up coming from behind the inklings. Mind you, they were riding the tower at that point, which made it tactically dubious for me to go that route.

Getting control of the tower and remembering I have a Bubbler work well in combination, getting us close to the goal. Super-jumping back works a little less well.

When the tower resets back to the middle of the Warehouse, I kinda shift gears in to defensive mode. We don't have to ride the tower to a knockout, merely prevent the other team from beating our lead. Knocking the Kraken off the tower is a good result.

Even better is regaining control of the tower and getting it even closer to the goal. As the battle moves in to extra time, it really does become a defensive goal. A blast from me and a splat from a squidmate gets the blues off the tower nicely for the win.

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