Battle to the end in Tower Control

31st August 2016 – 7.00 am

Do you like my new hat? I think I should make use of it, which pretty much means equipping the Splatterscope. I'm okay with that.

There's the usual reluctance to get on the tower at the start of the battle, which is probably less to do with not wanting to ride the tower and more to do with not wanting to get splatted. Apparently I don't mind, although I get off again sharpish as bombs start landing.

Better aim could have taken care of the Splatling before she popped her Bubbler. But at least I am showing some sense of awareness about when to push forwards and when to withdraw. And spotting inklings trying to flank, and splatting them, is pretty good play.

My defensive looks pretty good too in this battle. Although we can't stop the tower from surpassing our lead, we push back the advance before it gets to the goal, and reclaim the tower for our own.

A final push is beset on both sides by the Blaster and Splatling, the latter Bubbling to make it more awkward for us as the clock ticks down. But with some excellent focus and team spirit, my squidmates keep control of the tower as we enter extra time, getting closer to taking the lead for the win.

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