Advancing the Rainmaker

2nd September 2016 – 7.00 pm

As our team forms on the base, I have to wonder: how can I use the Splatterscope in Rainmaker on Mahi-Mahi Resort. A little late to be thinking this, I suppose, and it probably shows in my initial moves.

Getting hit by the Disruptor isn't much fun, nor the second time, but it gives me pause for thought. I know, I'll grab the Rainmaker, instead of trying to splat an inkling I can't see. Again, my lack of forethought shows when I don't know which way to take the Rainmaker. Away from the Suction Bomb. Good idea.

Another carry has a serendiptous splat of an inkling, and a mutual splatting after. I get back to pick up the Rainmaker again, after the worst bomb throw ever, and get a couple more splats. At least my stats won't look horrible, even if none of them come from the Splatterscope.

A squidmate shows us all how to carry the Rainmaker on Mahi-Mahi Resort. He finds the route to almost get a dunking, although a purple inkling takes the Rainmaker for a different dunking. I then get a bit lost, or distracted, or both. Never mind, though, as my squidmates are on it. Good job, everyone.

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