Sly dunk of the Rainmaker

2nd September 2016 – 7.00 am

I don't see that Suction Bomb that splats me. But never mind, it must have been a good throw. Back to the action, and I get my own lucky splat, right in front of the unclaimed Rainmaker.

A Splat Bomb Rush follows me along the side route, but when I lose sight of the yellowing squid in the ink I should probably have advanced instead of trying to flush him out with the Rainmaker.

A misjudged super-jump to the Rainmaker only has my splatting myself off its shield, which helps no one. I think it was the Splat Bomb I released as a precaution against opponents.

A squidmate picks up the Rainmaker, and although I splat the inklings chasing him, I don't splat them in time. The Rainmaker sits tantalisingly close to the goal.

I recharge my ink, and no opponents appear. I burst the Rainmaker's shield, knowing from experience that two full charges of my Splatterscope followed by almost any ink will do, and go for the dunk. Some yellow ink stops me at first, but experience helps again, and I use the podium to shield me from being splatted as I ink a route to the top. Woomy!

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