Not quite making the goal in Rainmaker

3rd September 2016 – 7.00 am

A relatively cautious start to this Rainmaker. But, then I shouldn't be in the middle of the action as a charger anyway. Getting hit by that Inkzooka kinda shows that, kinda doesn't given their range.

Another feeble bomb throw, a disappointment after that great one at the start, is easily forgotten with the Rainmaker splat. And splatting the Inkzooka as it splats me is a pretty good result. Indeed, being stuck inside a Killer Wail doesn't work out so badly when A thrown Splat Bomb gets a splat, and I splat the inkling near me as well.

The Rainmaker stays in our opponents' territory for a decent time, which can only work in our favour. Avoiding the Kraken was a good move, as it was for my canny squidmates. A better carry of the Rainmaker follows, and we keep the Rainmaker close to the goal by my using the side route.

I reclaim the Rainmaker and get it close to the goal, but Suction Bombs and Rainmaker-ink evasion prevents us getting the knockout. That's okay, as long as we prevent the push in extra time.

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