I'll remember my Bubbler at some point, Tower Control

7th September 2016 – 7.00 am

I know I have a Bubbler as my Special. It's partly why I choose the Tri-slosher as a weapon. But somehow I forget I have it occasionally in battle.

I also used to forget about the Disruptor Sub-weapon, or think it was any good. But enough inklings have used the Disruptor against me now that I understand its effectiveness, and I tend to use it with some regularity. The Bubbler, though. You'd think I'd know better.

How many times do I get splatted when the Bubbler is charged? Most of them? It's a little embarrassing, frankly. Okay, there is one time that I know it's charged by don't quite activate it in time before I'm splatted. And I am probably saving up the Bubbler for the right moment occasionally. But the right moment surely must be that time right before I'm splatted, and there are plenty of those moments.

I'm sticking with my new tactic of mostly ignoring the tower, unless I really can't, and trying to be a nuisance to the other team. I think I do quite well in this regard. That first splat is brilliant to me, splatting a charger on her perch. Sure, I get splatted in return, but just getting my Tri-slosher in range to get the splat is enough for me to be happy.

And look! I remember my Bubbler, right at the end of the battle, when our lead is being threatened, and to good effect! I even take back the tower to end the battle for the victory. It all comes together eventually.

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