Just too late in Tower Control

8th September 2016 – 7.00 am

Oh dear, an E-litre 3K on the other team. This will pose problems for me, and all of us really. I should try to do something about her. So that's my initial goal.

I get a bit lucky in sneaking under her radar to get up the side, and although she's waiting for my arrival behind her, as any good charger would be, I manage to chuck ink over her before I am in her sights. I think I can be happy with this battle just for that, to be honest.

I try to remember my Bubbler again, and was going to use it as I ride the tower closer to the blue goal, but the .96 Gal splats me too quick for me to react. It's all a bit downhill from there for a bit. I mis-time a jump and go for a swim, and have my Tri-slosher let me down by not getting ink over the tower in time. It's not my bucket's fault, though, the tower can be taller than I remember.

Some last-minute nifty manoeuvring gets the E-litre splatted, and her buddy, as I also remember my Bubbler, but our final push just isn't quite enough to regain us the lead.

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