Last-minute effort in Tower Control

8th September 2016 – 7.00 pm

I'm sticking with the Tri-slosher. I've used it before mostly for riding the tower and raining ink down from there. But recently I've used it to be more aggressive in distracting and splatting the opposition, to mixed effect. I like it as a weapon, though, which is the main thing.

I don't do too well at the start of this battle. I harry a charger, which is good, but don't really have much effect. I see another ghostly brush, which is unsettling, and get that charger when a squidmate's Killer Wail pushes her back. But I forget my Bubbler again, and super-jump or move in to harm's way a little often.

At least our team takes the lead. Not a massive lead, but hopefully enough. It seems easier to defend on Bluefin Depot than attack, because the defenders have the height advantage, but we still lose that lead we have. Now we have to attack again.

We can attack again if we ever get good control of the tower. The yellow team press us hard, keeping the tower on our side of the map, and there is not much time left. But with 45 seconds left, the tower is moving in to yellow territory, and I get lucky with a double-splat that hopefully contributes to my squidmates regaining the lead.

It looks like it's all over, but the yellow team get the tower back with 3 seconds to go, and ride it right back to where they were, aggressively getting as many inklings as they can on the tower. Maybe our victory is not quite as assured as I think.

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