Out-charged in Moray Towers Rainmaker

9th September 2016 – 7.00 pm

Moray Towers! That means I want my Splatterscope, and other inklings will want their chargers too. Surprisingly, only one other charger is in the battle, but she's holding an E-litre 3K. I'll be out-ranged easily, so I have to be smart. That's me buggered.

Still, the first splat is mutual, which I'm mostly pleased about. At least I'm not cheesing up the Towers with strength upgrades.

I make a brief error in trying to carry the Rainmaker, but the green team relieves me of that burden. I am also then shown how not to use the Splatterscope, by missing them and getting crushed by a Roller.

At least reviewing the video lets me see the helicopter on the helipad and take off at the 2-minute mark, which is probably more interesting than my continuing to miss inklings a foot away from me. Thank goodness for the Rainmaker in this case, as it lets me splat someone from a distance.

A bit of good fortune follows me for a minute, which raises my spirits. Getting splatted after that lets me help ink over the green, to help cement the excellent lead my squidmates got. I don't think it was needed in the end, but that's okay. And me and the E-litre got the same score.

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