Almost contributing to Rainmaker

10th September 2016 – 7.00 am

No E-litre 3K opposing me on Moray Towers this battle. But does that just put more pressure on me to keep the opposition splatted? Probably, at least to me. Such a shame, then, that I keep missing my shots, before getting blindsided by a Roller of all weapons.

Thankfully, I'm not completely hopeless. My aim still needs improvement, but only when going for inklings. I can cover turf quite nicely, which still helps in Rainmaker.

It's not going to help that we go one inkling down with two minutes to go. Nor is jumping to a platform just as a Killer Wail is aimed there, with nowhere to go.

But our team takes the lead! Good job, squidmates. It even spurs me on to pressing high up the Towers, where I may get chased, but unsuccessfully, and that may even distract the inklings from the objective a bit. Or maybe I am giving myself too much credit.

Either way, my team pulls out a pretty good victory.

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