Decent start, poor end to Rainmaker

10th September 2016 – 7.00 pm

The Splatterscope isn't working out too well for me in the other map, Flounders Heights, so I sawp to the Tr-slosher, which should work better there. Of course, Moray Towers still pops up, but there are lots of heights to rain ink down from too.

What a nifty start to the battle for me, dashing around the back and up the ramp to splat the opposition. So good, in fact, that I do it a second time, along a different route.

I continue my success with splatting the Rainmaker, and holding our turf, which ends up with us taking the lead. But after that, I go off the boil a bit.

It doesn't help that my hiding place at 4'54" inexplicably gets coverted to purple ink to reveal me, but never mind, I suppose, even if it indirectly causes us to lose the lead. Maybe we can get it back in extra time.

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