Just goin' for the E-litre in Rainmaker

11th September 2016 – 7.00 pm

The plan to concentrate on the E-litre 3K worked so well in the previous battle (in a way) that I have the same plan in this battle.

A good E-litre really can disrupt a Rainmaker battle, but so can being distracted by trying to splat an E-litre 3K, as I demonstrate.

The E-litre is actually on the perch this time, and as he doesn't expect me to rush him, I distract him and splat him. I turn around an ink a bit, then consider that, because I am so close, it would be a good idea to splat him again. So I do.

Meanwhile, his squidmates have taken the Rainmaker almost to the podium. Oops. At least my position allows me to come from behind and surprise splat a couple of them.

We take the Rainmaker ourselves (and not me, which I thought I had), and go along the route I just inked, bagging another cuple of splats for me, but running in to respawed inklings.

Back to them, and the Rainmaker is just inking and splatting from up high, which is rude. But going up to flush him out splats me the E-litre 3K again, so that's cool.

After the good start by the blue team, we're pretty much on the back foot for the rest of the battle. We keep on going though, as there is always a chance of sneaking a victory. And I can try to get more E-litre 3K notches on my Tri-slosher.

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