Outmatched in Tower Control

12th September 2016 – 7.00 am

Moray Towers is one of the maps, which means I want to give my Splatterscope an outing. It's a positive start, with an early splat a bit too typical of a cheesy charger, but the situation goes downhill quickly, as it only can do on Moray Towers.

The opposite team makes a coordinated push on our towers, and succeeds in splatting us soundly. But their advancing of the tower just gives me a nice target to aim for. That bags me a couple of splats, before I fail to make a jump to escape a splatting. Not much of a concession.

I find myself covering the other team's ink more than anything, which is at least contributing to our efforts, albeit a bit negatively. At least I don't completely embarrass myself. Apart from the several falls to my splatty doom.

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