Dealing with a camping Roller in Tower Control

17th September 2016 – 7.00 pm

Not a great start to the battle. I miss squidding up the block, then don't realise an orange inkling is right behind me. Looking right down the barrel of an Inkzooka is never good sight either. To top it off, a Kraken jumps over some grating to splat me. I am feeling pretty terrible.

On top of that, trying to return to the fray just gets me splatted by the same inkling, reverted to Roller form. And I see what he's up to by his lingering a little too long after the splat.

Personally, I think what the Roller is doing is a dick move. Maybe he can, but it's far from sporting. I am close to putting down my gamepad and walking away. Thankfully, I instead decide to flush the Roller out calmly, so that we can battle properly.

With the Roller out of the way, my squidmates advance the tower to take the lead. Probably not a direct cause of getting rid of the Roller, but a positive move in the battle all the same.

The battle moves in to extra time, but with us losing the tower in the other team's territory, and me in a good position. I manage to splat a different Roller and reclaim the tower to end the battle. In the end, it's almost worth a woomy!

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