Where is the tower in Tower Control

17th September 2016 – 7.00 am

I missed that Splatterscope on the opponents' base before the start. I would have been more circumspect in approaching the tower had I noticed. As it is, I get splatted pretty quickly by her.

New plan: circle around the back. The plan works quite well, but mostly by accident, as the charger had been knocked off her perch already. A bit of opportunistic suppression follows, and then I go looking for the tower.

My Bubbler has charged, so I want to get on the tower, pop the Bubbler, and ride with my protected squidmates. But I don't know where the tower is, and when I find it the orange inklings have also caught up and splat me before I can either get on the tower or activate my Bubbler. Oops.

The middle of the battle is best forgotten, as I charge repeatedly in to the other team's sights.

When I get myself together and go for a flanking move, it turns out to be not quite the bet time for it. Although I manage to flank, and get some splats, it is at the cost of the other team rapidly approaching our lead. It is by the diligence of my squidmates, and an excellent Kraken battle on the tower itself, that we keep our lead intact.

Not only do we keep our lead, but my squidmates do a bang up job of improving it. I'm squidding around doing who knows what whilst they ride the tower to within 2 points of the goal! I didn't even realise. I really need to pay more attention to the objective.

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