I'm not good enough for Tower Control

18th September 2016 – 7.00 am

Well, it's more that other inklings seem much better than me, making me look quite poor in comparison.

I try to do my best, but I seem simply outmatched too often. That, and I am an Inkzooka magnet. Maybe I should learn how to aim that. Or learn how to aim the Splatterscope first.

I make a bold move on the tower as it fast approaches, yellow inklings swarming over it, but my Splat Bomb bounces too hard off the tower and falls uselessly off the edge. Just a slightly softer throw and I could have done some good.

I get a decent double-splat as I time an incoming super-jump. It's not a huge achievement, but it makes me feel better. My map awareness then gets me a nice splat through the grating.

A bit of a charger dual ensues between me and two yellow inklings, and I have to say I quite enjoy it. I think I did quite well, considering. When that ends, I also get the only splat on the E-litre 3K, which hopefully counts for something.

My squid towards the tower to hold it for respawning squidmates goes a bit awry when a yellow inkling reclaims it first, moving the tower away and stranding me in yellow ink. Never mind. I'm more disappointed that my Splat Bomb Rush hits no one, and that it ends with my getting double-teamed by a Roller and Inkzooka fighting over who gets to splat me.

It's not a win, and it's not actually a terrible result for me in the end . It just felt much tougher during the battle.

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