Securing the Splat Zones

19th September 2016 – 7.00 am

Moray Towers is in the rotation. I grab my Splatterscope without even seeing what Ranked mode is live. I really like Moray Towers (and there is only ten minutes before a Squid Sisters update).

Splat Zones! That'll do, pig. My Splatterscope can reach across the Splat Zones nicely, and I can perch up on high to avoid too much attention on Moray Towers. That's good too, because there is not only an opposing Splatterscope, but an E-litre 3K too. That can easily out-reach me, so I'd best be careful.

Securing our Splat Zone is pretty straightforward, particularly with the height advantage and charger range. But the orange team aren't going to let us keep it. I decide to try to keep control of our Splat Zone and let my squidmates go for the other. I think they are happy with that, and I hope they recognise what I'm trying to do.

Of course, despite my best efforts, I can't help but push forwards a little myself, when my squidmates are in control. I try to ink the chargers' perch, and cover up some approach routes. And I see a Kraken approach. With impeccable and not at all lucky timing, it's splatted. But I can't rest, and am splatted right back just to demonstrate that.

Our Splat Zone is breached, and the Splatterscope makes his way to the perch above the zone. One shot splats the Sprinkler, which is useful, but I fail to hit the charger. Not a problem. I manoeuvre closer, see my Special charge, and start lobbing bombs. Two splats! I didn't know two inklings were up there, and I didn't see a super-jump, but I do see the Octoshot Replica's hat fly over the railing. Excellent!

Back to keeping control of our Splat Zones. And doing okay, but not great. I mean to watch my gamepad for approaching ink trails, but forget in lieu of inking the Splat Zone, which costs me a splatting. But we're in a good position, and my squidmates are doing a great job overall.

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