Tri-slosher killing spree in Rainmaker

19th September 2016 – 7.00 pm

[I've had to edit out a few seconds of the video, as the recording glitches and cannot be rendered]

Ranked rotates to Rainmaker! Let's give the Tri-slosher a try. It's maybe not the ideal weapon for Rainmaker, but I like it as a general weapon anyway. I make an early beeline around the Rainmaker to get an early splat on the charger, which is satisfying, even if I get splatted afterwards.

My squidmates take control of the Rainmaker and make an excellent charge in to the green team's territory. I think we're going to get a knockout victory, but the other team swarm and splat everyone but me. I hide for a moment, and try to disrupt their shield bursting, but get no splats.

We have a commanding lead, but the battle is still early. The green team inevitably get control of the Rainmaker and start tentatively bringing it back to the centre. We tussle for a bit, where I find out that my Tri-slosher is no match in range for the Slosher Deco a couple of times. I should remember that.

The green team makes little real progress. When they get just about get back to the centre and we steal the Rainmaker back, I head off to ink a route. But we lose the Rainmaker just as fast, and I have to double-back.

That's just fine, as it turns out. Catching them unawares, I splat the Rainmaker, his super-jumping buddy, and the other two green inklings with the help of my Bubbler. All four green inklings are out of action at the same time for at least a second, getting me a quad-kill with my Tri-slosher! Oh yeah.

Two last splats are highly satisfying. Both are from breaking the Rainmaker's shield, which ends the battle in our favour, and one is from a very threatening Kraken who reverts back to inkling form at just the wrong time. My luck is in at the moment!

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