Great comeback in Rainmaker

20th September 2016 – 7.00 pm

Romain was on our team in the last battle, and he seemed pretty good. Now he's on the other side. I hope that doesn't bode ill. It's the first battle of the evening on Mahi-Mahi Resort too, so naturally I get confused by what is water and what isn't. And get splatted first by Romain. Aww.

The water level drops, which kinda helps, but also means that the orange team have just taken a massive lead. We are in trouble. At least they don't get to the podium, allowing us to grab the Rainmaker and, well, I jump in to water. I didn't mean to! I thought that was a platform after the water level goes down. Maybe not in Rainmaker.

The orange team keep their commanding lead, and press for the knockout. It seems like we're just running damage control from here, as even when a squidmate makes a good bolt forwards, we are still far from coming close to equally their lead.

We keep pressing. I get a kinda triple-splat, finishing with Romain carrying the Rainmaker, which leads to no orange team being unsplatted. This gives us an opportunity, if only we could get past the inkling doing his best Lakitu impression, tossing the occasional Suction Bomb at us from an unreachable platform.

But get past him we do, and take the lead! Great work, squidmates! And so close to a dunk for our team too. Just a little too much orange on the podium for a squid to climb.

There's not long to go either, and a strategic pause lets me splat the Rainmaker. Although a Killer Wail misses the orange inkling, a squidmate grabs the Rainmaker and takes it back towards the orange podium. That's enough to secure us the victory, and so I don't mind the Rainmaker shield bumping me unceremoniously in to the water.

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